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What We Stand For…

Today I thought it would be a great time to remind our new followers of the five core beliefs of the Working Mum Association, and why it was set up in the first place… x

Support and Friendship
We’re here for you as you juggle being a mum with working life. We will encourage and support you every step of the way. We are here to connect you with other mums who are going through the same things as you. Together we are a community.

We want to inspire you every day, so you feel you can take on the world no matter where you are on your journey as a working mum.

Everything is possible — there’s no such word as impossible — I’m possible says it all. Through learning new skills, dreaming big and working on your mindset we aim to help you feel and be positive about all of the demands that are placed on you.

We want to celebrate wonderful, unique, multi-tasking you! We want to applaud the amazing job you do juggling being a mum, your job, and still finding time to be you. We’d like to raise a well-earned glass to toast the constant tricky balancing act of being a working mum.

Learning (to Have A Perfectly Positive Year)
We would like you to look back on when you joined the Working Mum Association as the moment when you found a special community of like-minded, friendly and approachable women who you can learn from. Whether it’s tips to make your life easier or better or hacks that other members have found work for them — this is the place for education on a weekly basis. The Working Mum Association helps you to stay happy and sane at the same time!

Space and Permission…

Giving yourself space and permission…

I don’t know about you but sometimes being a mum, let alone one that works, can feel like it’s all consuming.

It’s hard when a little person is so reliant on you for their every need. I’m sure it gets easier as they get older, although I’m sure that their needs just change over time.

But in amongst everything associated with being a mum, and a busy working mum at that, don’t forget to give yourself a chance. Moments to yourself, that you carve out in any given day, that are just for you.

Because by doing this, you are remembering who you are. Who you used to be and what makes you happy.

I must have read it several times over how a happy mum equals a happy family.

And giving yourself permission to think about what you really want from your life it’s the first step in making you and those you love the most, truly happy.

Taking that step to think about what your life could look like and then knowing that you really can make it happen, means that you are on the initial stages of an incredibly exciting journey.

It’s so easy to sleepwalk through week after week, attending meeting after meeting, and then wondering where the time has gone.

So please if you do one thing this week, take half an hour out on your journey to or from work, or when you’re able to just sit and write it down. What do you want from life?

I did this back in 2015 and it was a real turning point for me.

Working Mums and Entrepreneurs: Why We Can Have It All


There was a collective sigh of relief at our end when the government announced its plans to introduce 30 hours of free childcare in September – a month after our son turns three.

I’m sure it was a familiar response in many homes across the UK. What now remains to be seen is if the nursery local to us, actually adopts the policy. It’s fair to say that we have spent the last 16 months being crippled on a monthly basis by nursery fees.

It was of course a decision we made that I would return to work full time after having our little boy.

But it’s not been all plain sailing.

I suffered from separation anxiety, which became all consuming. I couldn’t see beyond the fact that I was only getting to see my son for half an hour a day Monday to Friday. It literally broke my heart every single day.

But with a complete change of mind-set (thanks in part to writing my first children’s book), came a much happier me, a much more balanced mum and a more rounded family life.

I was talking to one of my friends the other week, and asked if she was planning to return to work after her second baby. We both agreed it’s not easy but the choice has to be made, (rightly or wrongly) as to what kind of mum you want to be, and how present you choose to be in your children’s lives.

Everyone is different and looking at my circle of mummy friends, there’s a real spectrum of those who work full time and try to juggle everything (some successfully), those who run their own businesses so have a degree of built-in flexibility, and those who are able to stay at home looking after their children full time.

Being a stay at home mum is a big trend at the moment, especially amongst women in previously high flying corporate careers. You only have to look at the number of mummy bloggers who are making great strides in their online enterprises, as they try to find the elusive balance and earning power that a successful business can provide.

I would argue that balance is the key to everything. Unlock the balance and then yes absolutely women and mums especially, can have it all.

But striking this balance can feel like you are walking a tightrope 24/7.

Many parents I know talk about the guilt of not being with their child as they’re growing up. This of course has to be weighed up with the many benefits of early social integration that childcare can provide.

For me it’s never been about the guilt. It’s more that I always knew the sort of mum I wanted to be. And yes, for now, I miss my son every single day.

But I’m also determined to be at the school gates to drop him off and meet him afterwards. It’s also why I’m laying the business foundations that I am now, no matter what it takes.

When J was born, my world was literally turned upside down and inside out, and overnight I lost my identity.

My Health Visitor put it succinctly after meeting me just a couple of times, “You know you’re still Nicola, not just J’s mum.” I guess you could say I have a tendency to throw myself into things whole heartedly.

It’s part of the reason that I went back to work. It took me a long time to find myself again and I needed to have more to focus on than just my son and his well-being.

The one thing I would say to mums who are able to stay at home without earning is – make sure you carve out some time for you.

My work ethic has always been strong. It’s why after much studying, I launched my own successful photography business, and still run it to this day, whilst working full time.

Writing and publishing a children’s book at the same time as all of the above, and juggling being a mum, hasn’t been easy, but it somehow feels right.

It’s the path I know I should be taking.

Writing is also the thing which comes most naturally to me. It always has done. It’s also why I’m offering copyrighting services for those who need it.

  • The busy entrepreneurs / small businesses who don’t have time to write their blog posts regularly
  • Those who need help finding their tone of voice
  • The authors who are just published but don’t know what will help to engage their fans in the way they would like to

With a background in Journalism and Communications I understand what works, and more importantly what the media looks for.

At the end of the day, being a mum is an incredibly rewarding and hugely enjoyable experience.

Yes it’s hard work, yes there are times where you feel unappreciated, and yes it can feel as if you’re wading through treacle at times, when no amount of distractions will stop a tantrum.

But it’s also by far the best thing I have ever done. And I’m beyond grateful to have the opportunity to be one.

At the end of the day, being able to help guide, nurture and shape a little person, to become the best version of themselves is an incredible privilege.

Whatever path you have chosen, know that you can have it all if you really want it.

Re-visit your WHY on a regular basis. Your reason for wanting to achieve what you want, get to where you want to go, and be the mum and person you want to be.

Nicola x

Nicola J Rowley is the author of children’s book James and the Amazing Gift, which can be purchased from Amazon UK. For every copy sold, £1 goes to raise vital funds for UK charity Contact the Elderly.

Nicola is also offering copywriting services for entrepreneurs and details can be found on her website.