When I first launched the Working Mum Association, I remember sitting on my sofa thinking, if only this Facebook page reaches a thousand mums’, it will have been a great start. Little did I realise that within four weeks an incredible 13-thousand of you would be on board.

I’m all about visbility and putting yourself out there, after all that’s why I run my PR agency, helping female entrepreneurs in particular, do the same through the power of storytelling. It’s all about communicating a message.

But nothing prepared me for the response.

Nicola J Rowley Founder of the Working Mum Association
Nicola J Rowley, Founder of the Working Mum Association

You see, I thought there was zero support for us as working mums and there certainly was when I looked and needed it most. So I stepped up and created somewhere for you all to be. To join a community where we can discuss everything that we’re going through. How hard it is to find last-minute childcare when you have been let down, how it’s really annoying when a meeting gets scheduled in your calendar at 4:30pm and then you have to re-arrange everything or pay extra for your child to be looked after. Or how hard it is to carry on working when you have a poorly child that also needs your attention and you’re also facing a big deadline.

So whilst I knew that I needed something like the Working Mum Association (WMA), it’s never really been about me. Rather, it’s always been about you.

Yes, I believe I had to hit rock bottom as a working mum myself so that I could build myself back up and piece together my life, my career and everything else besides. But I always believe that we go through experiences so that we learn something. And my learning was that I don’t want any of you to ever go through what I did.

So that’s why I started the Working Mum Association, and that’s why I will always strive to ensure that you feel supported, inspired and motivated on YOUR journey.

And it’s also why I’m so passionate about it continuing to grow and thrive, and reach those of you who need support, inspiration and motivation, the most. But in order to do so and for me to be able to be there as much as I truly want to be (and not end up burnt out in the process) I’m creating the Working Mum Association Membership Club.

For those of you who join now as Founding Members, you get to shape how the Membership Club will look. You get more access to me, so I can share the exact steps that I took to get to where I am today (having quit my nine-five and now running my own successful Communications Agency but more importantly being the mum on the school gates for the drop-offs and pickups).

And that might not be what you’re looking to achieve. You might want a promotion, a new job entirely, or something that will work better for you and your family. The steps will still help you get there. It’s like your own pathway to happiness or being H.A.P.P.Y as I like to put it (Having A Perfectly Positive Year).

And you will also get monthly expert online trainings. The best bit? You get to decide on the subject – so it’s always helping you on YOUR journey. It could be you’re lacking in confidence, you want to feel more balanced, you would like to learn more about nutritional meals for your children. Whatever it might be, it’s for you to decide and to let me know.

Here’s to a great rest of your working week… x

PS The Working Mum Association Membership Club opens on Monday and the waitlist is already filling up. Make sure your name is on there too so you don’t miss out. Join HERE