Helen Walker runs her own successful coaching business, helping women regain their confidence and is mum to one-year-old Samuel.

Tell us a bit about you as a mum…

I always wanted to be a mum, which is surprising considering me I waited until I was 38 until I had my first son, Samuel. I didn’t meet Christopher, my partner until five years ago as I had spent the majority of my 20’s and 30’s travelling, working abroad and growing my coaching business.

I have to admit, I did hear the tick of that old clock very loudly, but I am so pleased I had Samuel when I did, as I literally do have a perfect little family.

Helen Walker on the Working Mum Association
“Good enough is good enough.”

Tell us about your current job…

As a mindset and confidence coach, I am passionate about helping women achieve amazing things in their lives by increasing their confidence and resetting their negative mindset to one that’s way more positive.

I suffered from really low self-esteem when I was younger and my confidence really held me back.

I transformed my own life and my success by learning strategies to build my confidence, completely transforming my mindset and the way I thought about my career and my life. This literally turned my life around. I set up York Walker Coaching in 2013.  They say you don’t work don’t ever work a day when you do what you love, and I can say that is absolutely true!

I’m now looking to grow my business in order to help more amazing women increase their confidence through a series of online courses and membership groups, due to be released later on this year.

How easy have you found being a working mum?

It’s harder than I thought it would be. I think I underestimated just how much of your time a baby needs. Actually let me rephrase that, how much time a toddler needs. When Samuel was first born, I would do loads of work whilst he slept. I adore being a mum, but I also love my career. So it was really important for me to continue with my business.

Now that he’s just turned one, my days are certainly full on, running and growing my business, whilst at the same time ensuring we get quality time together. I have to say, I love the challenge of it all.

How have you found trying to balance being a mum with your current role?

In the very early days and still now to some extent, I really suffered with the ‘mummy guilts’. If I worked, I felt as though I should be spending that time with Samuel. If I didn’t work, I felt guilty that I was neglecting my business.

Helen Walker on the Working Mum Association

I have realised the guilt will be present no matter what I do, so now it’s about ensuring I get my work done and being a good role model to my son. I want him to know that anything is possible with hard work.

I get up early before Samuel wakes, do a few hours, then spend the day with Samuel, occasionally answering a few emails, and then finish tasks in the evening when he is in bed. I do have one day where I receive childcare in the shape of Nannie and I think it’s super important to ensure Christopher and I have quality time together too. It really is a balancing act.

The motivation for having my own business, was always to have freedom and be able to work around my family, so I feel lucky that I have achieved this and don’t have to leave him during the day.

What has kept you going throughout your journey so far?

So many things. I have always been super ambitious. I am pretty tenacious, if I set my mind to something, I normally achieve it. Samuel is my main driver. I want the financial success, so I can provide for him, but I also want to show him that he doesn’t have to just consider working for an organisation when he is older. I want him to know that running your own business is a serious consideration.

What advice would you offer anyone who is about to return to work after having a child?

Be prepared for the guilt, but accept that no matter what you do, stay at home, run your own business or go back full-time, the guilt is always going to be there. Asking for help is okay, in fact it’s essential, you don’t have to do everything yourself.

Treasure the time you have with them, the first year has gone by in a flash, remember your WHY, why you have made the choice you have.

Most of all, make sure you are returning to something you love, if you don’t like work, it’s going to be tough leaving the house every morning, especially when you have a little face looking back at you.

What’s the best piece of advice someone gave you about combining motherhood with a job?

Good enough, is good enough.

Anything else you would like our members to know about you?

Motherhood is the best job in the world, but it certainly isn’t the easiest job. Having a support group in the form of other mums has been my saviour.

I coach women, helping them rebuild their confidence and reset their mindset. I completely understand that having a baby and returning to work can really impact your confidence, mindset and self-belief, especially when you have had 12 months away from the office. It’s something I am super passionate about.

You can find out more at my website HERE