This morning my three-year-old sobbed as I did the nursery drop off.

Lots of cuddles, dancing and setting up a train set later, meant that I could leave the room.

But this is the reason why up until now, I’ve avoided doing drop offs. I don’t know about you, but it’s also one of the hardest things I find about being a working mum.

That and him saying to me this morning, “I cried yesterday at the nursery.”

Me, unaware that this had been the case replied, “Why J?”

“Because I missed you and wanted you there.”

And yes my heart broke almost instantly because I never feel as if I’m around enough but I made sure he had extra cuddles and quality time with me this morning.

And come Monday, after spending three days with me non-stop, he will hopefully be fine once more.

In amongst looking after everyone else’s needs, what has struck me most this week is how important it is to look after myself.

As a working mum it’s easy for you to always come last – your needs, your dreams, your hopes all get buried in between the practicalities of daily life. But, and here’s the but – it’s really important to make time for yourself.

It has been a busy old time at this end as of late. I was photographing two weddings back to back in Reading on Friday and Saturday, and any moment I’ve had in between editing and copy writing for my clients, I’ve been finishing my new Middle-Grade book.

So on Sunday evening, I took a well-earned break and had a relaxing bath and started to watch a DVD that I’d been meaning to see for ages.

And I have to say I can’t remember the last time that I’ve given myself permission to have time out to do something just for me.

Something relaxing; something rewarding. Not something that is work or client focused.
And it felt good.

It also meant that come Monday morning, I felt refreshed and was able to get through loads of work, and am now even up to 28-thousand words in my new book.

As mums, we owe it to ourselves to try to take this time out for us. For the office politics/clients to take a back step just once in a while so that we can spoil and invest in ourselves.

It’s Thursday and already this week is slipping away as we head towards the weekend and more family time.
Please try and make a point of setting aside some time this weekend just for you – where you get to do something for you.

A happy mum = a happy family.

They’ll also appreciate you even more for it when you step back into your usual role of being a fabulous multitasker.

Happy Thursday!

Nicola x

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